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What It Means to Be an Authentic Leader

At an early age, we’re taught that being a leader is far better than being a follower—that the way to make a difference is to put yourself at the front of the line. From your professional


Why B2B Lead Generation Matters

Online lead generation was never intended for the faint of heart. In a typical day, we’re turning over digital rocks to find new audiences, new leads, and new customers. We rappel into


B2B Sales Tips: How to Book an Appointment​

In the realm of B2B sales, there probably isn’t a more overlooked skill than appointment making. And why wouldn’t it be? We spend all of our time digging around for leads, sending emails


Copywriting Tips: 7 Steps to Effective Sales Copy

When I first informed a good friend of mine that I had started a new career as a copywriter, I was met with a blank stare and a dry response: “Don’t they have machines for that now?”


How Content Relates to Each Stage of Your Sales Funnel

Content: the Fuel for Your Sales Funnel Over a century later, after thousands of improvements to the internal combustion engine and advancements in automotive technology, the modern car still runs on


What to Do When Sales Prospects Say, “Let Me Think About It”

Sales Prospects Lie. As salespeople, we’ve all heard those dreaded words, “Let me think about it”, at least once in our career. Your sales prospect may have even followed up by saying,


Venture Capital Dealmaking in U.S. Hits Highest Point in a Decade

VC Dealmaking at a 10-Year High in the U.S. Despite two whole months still remaining in the year, Venture Capital dealmaking in the U.S. has just hit its highest point in a decade. According to recent


Private Capital Funds at an All-Time High

2018: The Year of Private Capital New information from Preqin, a London-based provider of alternative assets data, indicates that private capital funds are currently holding onto historical amounts of


5 Modern and Practical Tips for Motivating Sales Teams

You may be meeting your sales goals now, but how long will it last? Just about anyone who’s ever had a position in sales will tell you that it’s a demanding, exhausting, and stressful career. You


Outsource or Hire? Sales Leader Discusses Team Building In 2018

Should You Outsource or Hire? In decades past, outsourcing was considered a rather controversial topic, a kind of byword that meant sending the jobs of hardworking North Americans across the sea or south

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