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Building Sales Teams in the Age of Digital Marketing

In the Age of Digital Marketing, sales aren’t the only things going online. Sales teams are about to, as well.

Sales Teams are now working remotely

Thanks to the ever-evolving state of the internet, more and more jobs are starting to arrive on the World Wide Web. In fact, the availability and popularity of remote work continues to grow as the traditional office cubicle is beginning to appear obsolete and unnecessary.

Even traditional office jobs are starting to allow employees to work from home and complete their tasks from the computer at home, saving them the hassle of the daily commute.

This is not how anyone wants to spend their mornings.

According to a study by IWG, a Swiss office provider, 70% of people around the world work remotely at least once a week, while 53% work remotely for around half of the week.

However, what the statistics don’t say is that once those workers have gotten a taste of the sweet life of working remotely, they won’t ever want to go back to the office.

So, if you’re an office manager and think that remote work doesn’t affect your life—think again.  

Through both technology and general consensus, remote work is becoming the new norm and will soon surpass the amount of non-remote jobs. White collar jobs that don’t require a physical presence will probably become completely, 100% remote in the near future. They did it with call centers and it’s going to happen eventually with all information-based work, such as sales teams.

Like it or not, it’s simply a sign of the times.

After all, why would you choose to get stuck in traffic and show up late to the office when instead you could stumble through the living room in pajamas with your laptop and a fresh cup of coffee in hand? Even better, you have the ability to avoid the ruthless office politics and gossip of a toxic workplace, while relaxing on your own couch (if you couldn’t tell already, I’m writing this in my underwear).

If you’re an employer, you’re going to have to understand this new mindset and the changing landscape of our workspaces. You’ll need to figure out how to fire up the old PC and use Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts, and a variety of new-fangled conferencing tools to communicate with your sales teams.

Introduction to Video Conferencing – part of the MITIE Client Service Audio Visual Academy

You’ll have to be comfortable with allowing more freedoms and giving up complete control over your employees, letting them work in a place where you can’t peek over their shoulder to ensure they’re really working. In a remote workplace, you simply can’t hold people prisoner until 5pm.

The truth is that we’ve all outgrown the cubicle. It’s a horrible, depressing place where hopes and dreams go to die and humanity is sick of it. We want to live and work in the same space, while being able to be our genuine, authentic selves.

Like they say, “if you truly love something, you have to set it free.”

The Digital Revolution

Building sales teams in the Age of Digital Marketing requires trust, confidence, and a common goal to unite everyone together. If you don’t have these building blocks, you’re at risk of becoming a despot with a weakening grasp upon your kingdom. Then, when the people have risen up, you’ll find them gathering around your palace, waiting to take you to the guillotine.

What your sales team will do to you if you don't allow remote work as an option.

Vive la résistance.

“But, wait! How do I stop this from happening to me?”

To build a successful sales team in today’s world, you’ll have to embrace change and adopt a new mindset. Just as we observe in nature, it’s not the biggest and strongest animals who survive, but the ones who learn to adapt to their environment.

As you build your team, consider posting remote positions and allowing an option to work from home to attract top talent. If you don’t offer it, another employer will. Even the biggest companies in the world, such as Amazon, are doing this.

Learn new technologies, accept new ways of doing things, and remember that the internet has changed absolutely everything.


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