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The Elevator Pitch: Is It Still Relevant?

We’ve all heard the classic illustration: you’re standing in an elevator with a company big whig and you have just 20-30 seconds to pitch your idea before they get off on their floor. In


The Importance of the Mission Statement

What’s on your agenda for today? Do you have daily chores written down, such as taking out the trash and washing the dishes? Or, do you have a list of things you need to get done at the office?


Copywriting Tips: 7 Steps to Effective Sales Copy

When I first informed a good friend of mine that I had started a new career as a copywriter, I was met with a blank stare and a dry response: “Don’t they have machines for that now?”


Blogging in 2019: Does It Still Work?

With nearly 2 billion websites and blogs on the internet today, it may seem like starting up a blog has become a lost cause. After all, maintaining an online blog and keeping it updated with


How to Promote Your Brand With Storytelling

Whether it may come in the form of a book, a movie, a TV show, a song, a video game, or a work of art, everyone loves a good story.  Storytelling is one of the oldest surviving human traditions—and


How to Write a B2B Email That Gets a Response

Email: It’s Still Relevant Despite having been invented in 1972, email remains one of the most commonly used methods of communication on the internet—and one of the top tools in the


Inbound Marketing: 7 Tips for Creating Great Content

Content Is King.  If you’re involved in B2B marketing, chances are you regularly use content in your marketing strategy. According to a survey from the Content Marketing Institute, 91% of B2B respondents


What Is Sales Buddy?

What is Inbound Marketing and Why Does It Matter? Marketing in today’s world isn’t as cut-and-dry as it once was in the past. Putting your advertisements on the television, radio, or on highway


5 Reasons Why Great Salespeople Don’t Aways Make Great Sales Managers

Hiring Sales Managers: Should You Recruit Internally or Externally? Filling job positions through internal hiring and promotion is a very wide-spread practice in today’s business world. For most


6 Habits of Successful Closers

When you hear the word “sales”, what kind of imagery first pops into your head? Please close your eyes and take just 5 seconds to imagine the scenario…  Well, what did you come up with? Like

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