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What Exactly Is Content Marketing?

Marketing Oftentimes, it seems like there is no limit to the ever-evolving terminology used in the field of Marketing. Referral Marketing, Diversity Marketing, Cause Marketing, and even Guerrilla Marketing


How Content Relates to Each Stage of Your Sales Funnel

Content: the Fuel for Your Sales Funnel Over a century later, after thousands of improvements to the internal combustion engine and advancements in automotive technology, the modern car still runs on


5 Ways to Close More Deals and Waste Less Time Prospecting.

Could You Be Wasting Time on Prospecting? When it comes to sales, time truly is money. Within a 40-hour work week, you and your team are pressed with the challenge of taking those leads you’ve worked


What to Do When Sales Prospects Say, “Let Me Think About It”

Sales Prospects Lie. As salespeople, we’ve all heard those dreaded words, “Let me think about it”, at least once in our career. Your sales prospect may have even followed up by saying,


Venture Capital Dealmaking in U.S. Hits Highest Point in a Decade

VC Dealmaking at a 10-Year High in the U.S. Despite two whole months still remaining in the year, Venture Capital dealmaking in the U.S. has just hit its highest point in a decade. According to recent


Private Capital Funds at an All-Time High

2018: The Year of Private Capital New information from Preqin, a London-based provider of alternative assets data, indicates that private capital funds are currently holding onto historical amounts of


4 Reasons Why Your Startup Needs Venture Capital

Running a startup isn’t an easy task. In addition to keeping your business solvent and managing daily operations, you have to also maintain a visionary mindset and constantly promote growth. But,


Who Is Responsible for the Safety of Your Commercial Fleet?

We don’t need more statistics; we need solutions. Most of us are already aware of the horrifying statistics surrounding commercial fleet accidents and the devastating effects an accident can have


Why Biotechnology Automation Needs Scaling Up For Growth

Biotechnology is both a very large and diverse business. From gene editing and food genetics to innovative new medicines and treatments, the industry covers a wide range of medical, consumer and health


Why the Executive Summary Is Crucial for Your Success

Less than five minutes. That’s the amount of time your plan has in the hands of many potential investors before they decide to turn “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” on it. In

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