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4 Reasons Why Your Startup Needs Venture Capital

Running a startup isn’t an easy task.

In addition to keeping your business solvent and managing daily operations, you have to also maintain a visionary mindset and constantly promote growth.

But, how can you keep your head in the clouds and your feet on the ground at the same time? It’s often difficult to strike a balance between pursuing your professional dreams and being realistic.

The good news is that there are people out there who love to invest in the next big idea and provide entrepreneurs like yourself with the resources to succeed financially.

Venture Capitalists love startups because they show the greatest room for growth when compared with mature, well-established businesses. This is also due to the fact that investment is mostly a game of percentages.

Take a Fortune 500 company for example, whose yearly earnings are substantially higher than those of a startup. While increasing sales by $10 million may mean less than 0.01% for a company like Walmart, it could spell 10% growth for a new startup.

So, if you’re concerned that you don’t stand a chance against the big players, you have nothing to fear. In fact, your potential for growth makes you more appealing to investors than industry giants.

Now that we’ve learned why Venture Capitalists love investing in startups, let’s examine the benefits that VC can have for your business.

4 Benefits of Venture Capital:

1. Guidance

As part of your agreement with a Venture Capitalist, much oversight is put into place in order to ensure that funds are being spent wisely. While this may seem like a caveat at first, having experienced investors guide you in your financial decisions provides a huge advantage to your business.

You’ll get access to advisers who have decades of experience dealing with startups and know what it takes to reach the next level.

2. Connections

Both Venture Capitalists and investment groups deal with hundreds, or even thousands, of businesses per year. For this reason, they tend to be very well connected and can introduce you to business contacts that will continue to benefit you in the future—long after the deal is complete.

You may meet marketing firms, accounting groups, and other contacts who can provide you with outsourcing and consultancy when you need it. VCs may even introduce you to potential partners in your industry.

3. Financial Stability

The most obvious, yet understated benefit of receiving support from VCs is the stability it will bring to your business. Having guaranteed funds to keep your business afloat allows you to shift your mindset from surviving to thriving.

Many businesses get tunnel vision, as they spend too much time focusing on daily operations and not enough time on planning. With VC support, you can look at the big picture again and use your brainpower for ideation, instead.

4. Performance

On top of increased stability, sufficient funding allows you to ramp up your business’s performance and improve your main factors of production.

For example, VC investment may allow you to buy new machinery or invest in new technologies that help you produce more widgets to meet demand and raise profits.


Not only will a Venture Capitalist give you the funding you need to grow your business, but also the tools and guidance to do so. When you sign with a VC, you’ll get expert advice, useful business connections, and financial stability. You’ll also be able to raise your business’s performance to the next level and improve your factors of production.

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