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Why B2B Lead Generation Matters

Online lead generation was never intended for the faint of heart.

In a typical day, we’re turning over digital rocks to find new audiences, new leads, and new customers. We rappel into the depths of the internet to find that one person we might be able to persuade. We wander throughout cyberspace, calling out and hoping to receive an answer. It’s a lonely and cold world for those who hunt for leads.

Leaving all dramatization aside, lead generation is a difficult job and not everyone is born for it. Even I—a self-proclaimed lead generation specialist—feel like the job wears down on me at times. The fear of rejection has long since left me, but the despair that follows it still hasn’t.

Nevertheless, if there’s one thing that keeps me madly in love with my job, it’s the thrill of finding that one lead that changes everything. While I might return exhausted, beaten, and blackened by the metaphorical coal mine that is prospecting, I will emerge victorious with a white sparkling diamond whose glimmer is only matched by that of my joyous smile.

If just one lead were to knock on my door from reading my writing, I would be ecstatic to invite them in and offer them a cup of coffee. Because all B2B leads are worthwhile and have the potential to blossom into something greater. Leads that I previously thought would result in nothing have helped me to grow in my career and make connections that continue to benefit me to this day.

Whether dealing with a small business owner or a billionaire tycoon, each B2B lead is a precious gem. Yes, they might vary in size, but they’re all diamonds nonetheless. That’s why I leave no stone unturned. And it’s also why you should too.

Even traditionally successful corporations who’ve made millions with nothing more than a handshake and a signature have turned towards lead generation. Mom and pop stores that once grew by word-of-mouth are now looking for new sources of revenue. I say all of this from intimate knowledge because I help businesses like these every day.

If you want to know what “lead generation” is, how it works, or how it benefits you, there are plenty of blogs and literature out there on the internet that will explain the general concept.

On the other hand, if you want to know what lead generation can do for you personally and how it can transform your business, schedule a quick, 30-minute call with me. I’ll also show you how Sales Buddy does it better—and more affordably—than the competition.

About the Author Corey Singleton

"As a business owner, I put big money into sales and marketing without ever really knowing what results I was going to get. Tired of this ambiguity, I decided to create a new kind of sales support company: one that provides a guarantee.

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