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Does AI Pose a Threat to Human Marketers and Sales Reps?

Artificial Intelligence or AI

A Brave New World

The great unknown has the tendency to either create hope and inspire or to cause fear and anxiety. As it has been for centuries, this truth couldn’t be more evident than it is in the fields of technology and science.

Currently, one of the most polarizing topics in the tech industry is Artificial Intelligence, as its use raises questions surrounding ethics and what it means to be human. While the existence of AI does pose some interesting philosophical questions, anything resembling Skynet remains pretty far off in the future. Instead, we should probably ask ourselves what effect current AI technology has on our daily lives.

In recent decades, we’ve seen machines replace human workers in thousands of jobs—especially those requiring repetitive, manual labor. Once considered giant hubs of human activity, automotive plants, farms, and textile factories have been completely transformed by automation. Economists have argued that this has been for the greater good, with lower-class careers being phased out for jobs that require higher education and more specialized skills (which come with a bigger paycheck).

Objections to AI

However, as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning make their strides, should we view them as a threat to our jobs, as trench diggers once saw the jackhammer or fruit pickers viewed the modern combine harvester? After all, if machines could replace our hands, what stops them from replacing our minds as well?

Fortunately, the evidence simply doesn’t support the hysteria. Instead, we’ve seen the exact opposite happening in the fields of sales and marketing, with AI serving as a useful tool and an aide to human intelligence. Thanks to AI, it’s actually easier to optimize your sales funnel, interact with your target market more effectively, and perform daily tasks more efficiently than ever before.

As salespeople and marketers, we can’t be afraid of technology—it’s something that we live and breathe. Instead, we should view AI as just another wrench in our ever-increasing box of tools. By embracing advancements in marketing technology, we can prepare ourselves for the future and get more done with less effort.

Those pesky economists may have been right.

If we refuse to adapt and try to defy change, however, we actually put ourselves at a greater risk of being replaced by machines. Advancements in technology force us to hone our skills and aspire to reach new levels. Rather than plateauing and saying, “good enough”, we are constantly challenged to improve.

Digging trenches may no longer be an acceptable job, but designing and laying the foundation for a structure using modern tools is. In a similar manner, repetitive and menial tasks related to sales and marketing are being phased out to allow for more fulfilling work. Follow-up emails, reminders, outreach, and other chores are being completely taken care of with marketing automation.

Creating true relationships with customers and closing deals, on the other hand, still remain the competitive advantage of a human salesperson and marketer. You’ll never see Amazon’s Alexa convincing a boardroom to invest in your next big idea, nor will you see IBM’s Watson closing a sales call. Artificial Intelligence will also never be able to develop creative content and express itself artistically. What AI can do, however, is take care of the groundwork that you probably didn’t want to bother with in the first place.

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