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4 Reasons Why Your Startup Needs Venture Capital

Running a startup isn’t an easy task. In addition to keeping your business solvent and managing daily operations, you have to also maintain a visionary mindset and constantly promote growth. But,


Why the Executive Summary Is Crucial for Your Success

Less than five minutes. That’s the amount of time your plan has in the hands of many potential investors before they decide to turn “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” on it. In


What You Need to Know About Investment Bank Fees

An Overview of Investment Bank Fees: Investment bankers charge significant fees to provide their services on a deal. Fee structures are typically customized to each deal, so there is no standard fee for


What You Need to Know Before Seeking Venture Capital

Is Venture Capital Right for You? Nearly every entrepreneur has the same dream. That is, coming up with a great idea, getting funded by a large investment firm, and selling their multi-million dollar


5 Things Venture Capitalists Need to See Before Investing

What Exactly Do Venture Capitalists Look for in a Business Proposal? Once a seldom heard term, Venture Capital has become quite the hot topic in recent years. Everyone including celebrities, athletes,